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Greetings, fellow Operators!

A few things have come up and so I'm opening up 5 commission slots for Net Navis [full color and turn around sheets]!
Please PM me if you're interested!

:star: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP!!!!! :star:

Commissions are Open by Higure-san


If anyone would like to join my discord server for general, megaman, gaming or art discussions, send me a note and I'll provide you an invite! : D
Who knows what topics will come up! I might even share art before they upload online or even art that may not ever be released at all! I'll also make some announcements on here as well.

Best regards,

Greetings, internet!

Thank you all for being patient and amazing people! Things have been going pretty slow, but recovery is well :)
Just wanted to post an update for the month. Along side getting these commissions that I'm behind on completed, I've also been juggling around with my job and also aquezzing in my own personal pieces. Speaking of which, here are the expected Net Navis for this month!

February schedule 2017 by Higure-san

Here's hoping 2017 gets better!

Best regards,

Greetings, everyone.

I hope everyone is having a good start to 2017.

I want to start off by saying Thank You to Neotelenta for approaching me and getting me out of the downward spiral I was stuck in. I really appreciate you for contacting me for my absence and helping me out.


I had chatted already with a few of my followers. A little, quick context on what has gone down. During Christmas I went out of town to my parents’ place. When I got back to my apartment, I found out my apartment, and 4 other tenants that had also went out of town for the holidays, had our apartments robbed. I lost more than half of my belongings; clothes, consoles, documents, collectibles, electronics and most importantly my desktop and laptop.

Since the time I had got back to the chaos, I’ve been dealing with LifeLock since my computer had sensitive personal info; Continuous contact with the local police; Speaking with lawyers; Contacting Homeland Security since my Passport and SSN card were stolen; working things out with my bank; moving back into my parents’ place; finding a new job and working with UH with transferring my credits from UTD. It’s been hell for me for the past few weeks.

I’ve finally resettled back into my old room and I just received the insurance money from the apartment complex. It wasn’t much, but I was able to get a new laptop with it. I’ll have to wait for my first paycheck to get a new tablet and scanner/printer.


A friend of mine told me, “Whenever possible, keep it simple.”

I’ll flatly put it that all my art files are gone and that I’ll have to start from scratch. That means WIP’s, templates and commissions. Yes, that means all my commission works have to be restarted.

I’m not asking for money; goodness no – I’ve got a good job supporting me (but will eat a good amount of my time), and also graciously received help from a lot of wonderful people.

What I’m asking for is a little more time and patience. For those who have been waiting for your commissions, if you would like a refund, I understand. I will honor it, but please wait a bit while I financially re-stable myself, but I will refund you in whole. If not, let us work out an upgrade for you.


I just don’t understand why there would be people out there who would do such things. Especially during a joyous time of year…


Thank you all for your time and consideration! You’ve all been wonderful followers and I hope I can keep entertaining all of you!


Best regards and Happy New Year,



P.S. If anyone is curious, I used to live at the Post Meridian Apartments in Dallas, TX.

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Notice chibi (apology) by Higure-san

Greetings, everyone!

I'd like to start off by saying there is no excuse for me. Two weeks ago I updated a status that I would be back in action. During that week, I was also heading home for the week to my family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I honestly thought I would be able to get a lot of work done, but instead I went down a selfish route. I ended up slacking off with my cousins and also I got absorbed into Pokemon Sun. When I got back from the holidays, I got piled under school work and also my job.
As I started off, there is absolutely no excuse for me.
I am focusing all my available time now on completing these commissions. And I will be entertaining my commissioners in the order I received them (sorry guys, this is the best way I can get things back in order).

Banner 01 by Higure-san

For my Patreon pledgers,
Thank you all for being there! I hope you all read my update! I changed my page settings to "Charge per post" so no one will get charged for the past month. Once I get things back in order, I will change it back to monthly. Or, if you guys want, I can keep it as "charge per post". You guys tell me what you think. I will also be changing my rewards so it'll be cheaper to get the same things. For those who chose the tiers with personal art, I will get to you guys ASAP along side my commissions!

Greetings, everyone!

I want to apologize for the sudden hiatus. As some of my close followers know, I returned back to school for my second degree. I'm currently taking a Material Science class this semester and in which I am required to submit a semester long lab report over a material we selected at the beginning. 2016 is just not my year.
The report consists of multiple experiments, videos, documentation, data points, etc. To my luck, the hard drive on my laptop which I used for the report became corrupted.
I was able to recover files, but not everything and also some of the recovered files were damaged. Right now, I've been working on re-performing a month-long experiment within two weeks. It's not impossible, but it is beyond tasking (thankfully I still have specimens from the original experiment to work off from). And the rest of the damaged files are just documentation.

I really want to apologize to my commissioners, but I'll be focusing on completing this report for the next few days. Once I'm finished, I'll immediately hop back onto completing your stuff!

Greetings, fellow internet enthusiasts!

:star: :happybounce: MY PATREON IS ALIVE!!!!! :squee: :star:

Patreon Promotion 01 by Higure-san

I want to announce that my Patreon page has launched! :bounce:
I'm really excited about this. This was something I've been planning for a while now and I really hope it works out. Thank you all for your support!
A little notice however, if you select tiers 4 or 5, you will have to wait till payment has been confirmed at the start of the month in order to receive rewards. (Since the option "Charge Upfront" is not available for all Patreon creators yet.)

I do have a HF account for NSFW pieces and commissions. If you are interested, send me a note. I'll also be opening a separate Patreon for my NSFW pieces later.


Due to some unexpected circumstances, I'm opening 10 slots for commissions.
Those who commission in this set will get 25% off each commission.
Please refer to the menu for pricing:
Commissions are Open by Higure-san

:star: 4 NEW BNWA COUNTRIES! :star:

That's right! I've received a lot of comments about adding a few more countries to BNWA; here on dA and outside. I gave it a lot of consideration and I've decided to pull through with it! Because there are new countries being introduced, some of the navis from earlier countries have been moved around (but their slots have already been filled).
There are 4 new countries being introduced! Names are still in the planning stages but the themes/ideas of each country is ready. To make things easier, Three of these new countries are not necessarily based off any real location, but have theme/features that point to the type of navis coming from them.

:bulletblue:[Country 21]:bulletblue:
This country is based off South Korea. It is a country that focuses a lot on expanding technology towards social entertainment; such as raves/clubs and arcades/video games.
:bulletblue: AudioMan.EXE
:bulletblue: GlowMan.EXE
:bulletblue: GlitchMan.EXE
:bulletblue: -------------
:bulletblue: -------------

:bulletgreen:[Country 22]:bulletgreen:
This country is completely mountainous. The cities are built and engineered on specialized foundations on the sides and tops of these mountains. They are well advanced in aerial technology and space research, but also in-tune towards traditional culture (a bit like Nepal).
:bulletgreen: GaleMan.EXE
:bulletgreen: CrushMan.EXE
:bulletgreen: Comet.EXE
:bulletgreen: -------------
:bulletgreen: -------------

:bulletyellow:[Country 23]:bulletyellow:
This country is man-made (about the size of Greenland). It is purely a scientific country that focuses on advancing all forms of technology. It is the hub of research and development; the conception-land of IPC. A lot of Net Navis here are developed in order to test these new technologies.
:bulletyellow: ServerMan.EXE
:bulletyellow: BlazeMan.EXE
:bulletyellow: EnergyMan.EXE
:bulletyellow: GelMan.EXE
:bulletyellow: -------------

:bulletred:[Country 24]:bulletred:
Though Amerope is an amalgamation of America and Europe, this country is the true Melting Pot of the battle network world. It's a rising country and has a plethora of cultures intertwining with each other.
:bulletred: -------------
:bulletred: -------------
:bulletred: -------------
:bulletred: -------------
:bulletred: -------------

:bulletblack:[Newly Added Navis]:bulletblack:
These are the navis that were added in to fill the remaining slots of the earlier countries and to replace the navis that were moved around.
:bulletblack: BuildMan.EXE [Amerope] - replaced GlowMan.EXE (now in country 21)
:bulletblack: SavageMan.EXE [Jawaii] - replaced AudioMan.EXE (now in country 21
:bulletblack: BoilMan.EXE [GearLand] - replaced GachaMan.EXE (removed)
:bulletblack: Aroma.EXE [Namasty] - replaced DryMan.EXE (now in Espanico)
:bulletblack: ForestMan.EXE [Cana] - replaced Comet.EXE (now in country 22)
:bulletblack: CurseMan.EXE [Affrik] - filled remaining slot
:bulletblack: BarrierMan.EXE [Laturin] - filled remaining slot
:bulletblack: GlareMan.EXE [Ajiina] - filled remaining slot
:bulletblack: DryMan.EXE [Espanico] - filled remaining slot
:bulletblack: Proxy.EXE [No Data] - new representative
:bulletblack: Negative.EXE [No Data] - new representative

A little clarification on submitting net navis. Take your time; think and conceptualize. They should have unique designs that incorporates their theme. Their name as well. This means male navis need the "male" suffix; and proper names ( i.e. Jade, Kaitlin, Anna, etc) won't do. Think on how they would attack, following the battle network mechanics on the 6x3 field. Remember, nothing too overpowered; these navis need balance (there is always a trade off).

:star: SHOUT OUTS! :star:
:bulletblack: BlazeMan.EXE - mangaholix (previous BlazeMan was converted to the original name CombustMan.EXE -- Crimson-Camisole)
:bulletblack: CrushMan.EXE - JWNutz
:bulletblack: Negative.EXE - Shenaniganza (designed off Black Hole Knight )

Greetings, everyone!

Due to some unexpected circumstances, I'm opening 10 slots for commissions.
Those who commission in this set will get 25% off each commission.
Please refer to the menu for pricing:

please keep in mind that net navis isn't the only thing I do commissions on! :)
Thanks for for your support, everyone!

Best regards,
Greetings, everyone!

Commissions are Open by Higure-san

If any one is still interested I've got 5 slots still open! And I understand not everyone can send in a commission, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you would help spread the word! :thanks:
Slot 1 - akkiken 
Slot 2 - Estonius
Slot 3 - DigiDayDreamer
Slot 4 - CoyoteBrance
Slot 5 - Crisis21
Slot 6 - available
Slot 7 - available
Slot 8 - available
Slot 9 - available
Slot 10 - available

Country Charts by Higure-san

I haven't had time yet to create the navi marks for the Navis that have been newly added. The navis that I am searching for now are Breaker, Wind, Sword or Healing types. The new Navis are:
:bulletblack: BlazeMan.EXE - Espanico
:bulletblack: Kindle.EXE - Affrik
:bulletblack: TempleMan.EXE - Laturin
:bulletblack: BatteryMan.EXE - Neeshia

The remaining Slots!
Flag - Espanico by Higure-san = 1 Slot
Flag - Affrik by Higure-san = 1 Slot
Flag - Ajiina by Higure-san = 1 Slot
Flag - Laturin by Higure-san = 1 Slot

:star: SHOUT OUTS! :star:
:bulletblack: BatteryMan.EXE - CyberMaroon
:bulletblack: BlazeMan.EXE - Crimson-Camisole (CombustMan.EXE)
:bulletblack: Kindle.EXE - Ryu-wolf

Greetings, everyone!

Here is an update of the BNWA country roster!

There are 8 remaining slots!
:bulletblack: Neeshia: 1 slot
:bulletblack: Affrik: 2 slots
:bulletblack: Laturin: 2 slots
:bulletblack: Ajiina: 1 slot
:bulletblack: Espanico: 2 slot

The main issue I'm dealing with concerning people wanting their navis included in BNWA is that they are throwing navis that are "too personal." Navis such as Higure san,,, BNWA,,Classic Man.Exe or Splat.EXE Redesign won't cut it. What I am looking for are navis that personify an idea/theme; i.e. sprout (garden theme), fortress (castle theme) and orbit (satellite theme). Names also play an important role, the name has to represent the theme of the navi.
If your navi fits the criteria, please feel free to take a shoot with it.

:star:Shout Outs!:star:
:bulletblack: RiverMan.EXE - Crisis21
:bulletblack: Tropica.EXE - SnowmanEX711 (Tropic Woman)
:bulletblack: CactusMan.EXE - MMBNChronoX
:bulletblack: TarMan.EXE - MegamanNeos (OilMan.exe)

Salutations, everyone!

BNWA Navi Roster (WIP) by Higure-san
I'm sure most of you reading already know of BNWA. I just want to make some clarifications on the Navi roster. I'm being stern, but with the utmost respect with this announcement.
Indeed, I am using Navis from other artists; from here on deviantART and Pixiv. This is to allow a chance for those to have their navi to come to life. As you can see, there are 18 vacant slots on the roster. This does not mean for you to bombard me with request such as "Please include [insert navi name] for me." I have a criteria that follow when scouting around for net navis to fill the roster.
This means I will not accept navis that have no specific theme!

Country Charts by Higure-san
As you can see this is a World Arena. This means that the navis on the roster have themes that represent a country that they are from. If you would like to provide a navi for consideration, please refer to the country chart. There are some countries that have vacant slots. You may provide navis with themes that help represent that country. Also, if there are navis that are considered that have ridiculous attacks, they will be changed to fit the battle mechanics of the battle network games.

Best regards and wishing you happy designing,

:bulletblack: Plum.EXE -- ick25
:bulletblack: BushidoMan.EXE -- Mgx0
:bulletblack: Nexus.EXE -- Nexus-Schwarz
:bulletblack: Sprout.EXE -- ultimatemaverickx 
:bulletblack: GlacierMan.EXE -- Garth2The2ndPower 
:bulletblack: OrbitMan.EXE -- Garth2The2ndPower 
:bulletblack: NailMan.EXE -- MegaPhilX 
:bulletblack: Comet.EXE -- MegaPhilX 
:bulletblack: Rain.EXE -- Blackhook
:bulletblack: ShardMan.EXE -- Dollwoman
:bulletblack: HarvestMan.EXE -- Dollwoman
:bulletblack: PlasmaMan.EXE -- HKLurch18
:bulletblack: SoapMan.EXE -- Kagebu
:bulletblack: Venom.EXE -- rongs1234 
:bulletblack: Cinder.EXE -- imbisibol 
:bulletblack: Knife.EXE -- imbisibol 
:bulletblack: PotionMan.EXE -- TuliothePillbug
:bulletblack: Hood.EXE -- Death--EXE 
:bulletblack: Shaman.EXE -- Junryou-na-Kokoro
:bulletblack: IllusionMan.EXE -- Azure-Mage88
:bulletblack: DragonMan.EXE -- Zephyros-Phoenix
:bulletblack: Bow.EXE -- HannahTheHedgehog15
:bulletblack: PillarMan.EXE -- MrTwinklehead 
:bulletblack: BashMan.EXE -- akkiken 
:bulletblack: GlowMan.EXE -- SimplyDifficult
:bulletblack: ShinobiMan.EXE -- Kato-Regama
:bulletblack: Raven.EXE -- MMBNChronoX 
Greetings, fellow deviants!

I'm still open btw! :) I just updated my commissions menu! I felt that the previous menu was a bit restrictive. But this means general commissions will take longer. Including outside of doing commissions, I've reached 40% of my goal. All your help goes beyond appreciation!
Commissions are Open by Higure-san

Best regards,
Greetings, everyone!

Commissions are Open by Higure-san
Yes, you read that right. I'm opening shop for commissions. Thanks to all of you who left your feedback in my previous journal!
The reason why I'm suddenly opening up commissions is due to an emergency. I hydroplaned and wrecked my car with another car. My insurance won't cover for everything, so I am in a bit of a pinch (so much for being "in good hands").
It's a first-come, first-served system, but I'm not placing slots due to circumstances.
These guys have been waiting and I'm on the verge of completion! I will get to those who commission now immediately after these guys. However, that doesn't change the 48 hour sketch. If you make a commission now, I will still give you a sketch within 48 hours, but I will not finalize until I finish these.
:bulletblack: Kato-Regama
:bulletblack: Sondy92
:bulletblack: Azure-Suzume
:bulletblack: SilverZeo
:bulletblack: shamanger
Thank you all for helping me out through this!

Best regards,
Hey fellow internet enthusiasts!

Just as the title says, I'm throwing the ball out there and want to find out how many of you are interested and able if I were to open up commissions again. I know, I know, I still have yet a number of you I have to bring in. But as you can see as of late in my gallery, I am on the case to finishing the asap. I just want to know how many I can expect if I were to open up commissions again, let's say next week?
Looking forward to your responses!

Best regards,
Greetings, fellow internet enthusiasts!

Time crunched right now, so I'm going to make this quick and to the point. If anyone has any information on how I may contact Greigamaster (mmbn coder) or if anyone here knows a tidbit or two on how to code MMBN games, please note me! :)

Best regards,
Hello, fellow internet enthusiasts!

Free Downloads: Net Navi Data Cards by Higure-san
As some of you have noticed, I have provided free downloads to navi cards you all can use for your own net navis! You can all download to your hearts' content! Just leave a message here and there! :)
Alongside this, for all of those that made a request during the Horizon PET special event, I will be providing the individual PET's and Navi Marks to each respective person. Just send me a note with your email address or skype account name.

Best regards,
Good day, fellow deviants!

Horizon PET: Special Requests (set 3) by Higure-san As some of you have noticed, I have uploaded the third and final special request sheet for the Horizon PET! I originally closed off requests for it, but as I see it, I'd like to fill up these last 11 slots!

So first come first serve! Regardless if you made a request already!

Best regards,
Good day, fellow deviants!

It has been a while since I spoke to all of you! And I want to thank all of you for being patient and dedicated to my gallery!
If you recall my last journal, for 2016 I will be organizing my schedule so I can get time to create pieces for my gallery. Well, this coming March is going to be a BIG month for me (more sample stuff to come!). I'll be uploading tons of art and also the commissions that I have had held on for a ludicrous amount of time - that's a GUARANTEE!

To commemorate my comeback, I will be doing a small Special Event!
PET model: HORIZON (sample sheet) by Higure-san This is the new PET model I designed. I'm getting some pretty good feedback on it. So, for this special event I will be taking FREE PET (using the Horizon model) requests for your Net Navi till Saturday, February 20th! One Net Navi per person though. If you would like a PET, please leave a comment and a fav at the provided link to the PET sample sheet!

Thank you all for being patient and enjoying my work!

Best regards,
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Ok, so I never did get around to fully using DropBox on my computer. I've had it for a while now, but it kinda just sat there. Now, I'm starting to see it's usefulness. But, I'm in a bit of a bind with it.

So here's the gist of the situation; I logged onto my account through the DropBox website. And I created a new folder there to share files. I'm new to using this so I'm not sure if you can create folders from my computer directly and have it set to share, or if I to create the folders through the site. (You all can tell me more about it in your comments) But, the issue is that I created a folder on the site, but it's not showing up in the main DropBox directory on my computer. Is there something I need to do?

I appreciate the help, guys!


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For all of you who are wondering about my silence after my previous journal, I'm in a bit of a sticky wicket. I'm going to keep this short since I can't type for long.

I just relocated myself to Dallas for job reasons. However, I had an accident during the move and had to be hospitalized. During that time my left arm was in a sling and my right arm in a cast. I couldn't use any of my hands/arms. Luckily, my supervisor is understanding and allowed me time to heal and still kept my job.
Currently, my arms have healed to the point where I'm no longer in a sling (just a full cast for my left arm), and my index and middle finger are in a cast - It's hard typing one letter at a time. The doctor informed me that it'll be about another 3 or so weeks till I can remove the casts.
I can't do much in terms of art for the moment. But, if you'd like, you can skype with me [Skype: Corrupted_Canvas]

I was working on sometihng prior to the accident. Unfinished; but I figured it might be a little consolation. I'll get around to uploading it.